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Frequently Asked Questions

Will a detox suit me?

From experience we have found that a detox is very beneficial for the majority of people. The demands of life can be challenging and it’s very easy to fall into unhealthy eating or drinking patterns. Not looking after your body’s needs will eventually leave you feeling stressed, tired and very likely overweight. Always check with your doctor, or medical practitioner first however if you have any serious underlying medical condition. We do not recommend our products if you are pregnant or breast feeding.

Once you have ordered your detox, your first support video will be about preparing for your transformation. We always recommend to do as much preparation as you can for as many days as you can. Remove fizzy drinks, caffeine, refined sugar and carbohydrates, alcohol and any other unhealthy food from your diet. Try to do some gentle exercise, try to lighten your diary, get some early nights and begin to focus on all the positives you are going to gain from undertaking a detox.

Our detox packages will provide you with everything you need to undertake a cleanse at home. If you have to go into work, or have events planned, we recommend having a water bottle to pour your juice into and a cool bag or lunch bag for your food if needed. 

Select any Thursday as your delivery date. The products will arrive frozen, so you can begin your journey to a lighter you from the Friday once defrosted, or wait up to 3 months.

For all our detox packages, our produce is locally sourced.

Our freshly prepared juices and meals are prepared in an environment that contains nuts, wheat and gluten although there are none of these items in your detox packages. Other allergens to be aware of are celery.

Over the last 17 years we have been supervising juice and food detoxes. From experience we have found that the 5 Day Detox In a Box will typically drop 7lbs and the 3 Day Real Food will drop approximately 3-4lbs.

*Results will vary according to starting weight and activity levels.

All our nutritional analysis is written on each item of your Detox In A Box and the Balanced Box. On average, the Real Food is around 900-1000 calories per day and the Detox In A Box is around 800-900 calories per day. Although calorific intake is an important factor in achieving and maintaining good health, also remember that your body understands nutrition more than it does calories. You will be consuming 100% natural, fresh produce that will flood your cells with life giving nutrients that will help you feel great, as well as look great.

While we recommend that you don’t run a marathon when detoxing, normal everyday duties should be manageable. We do recommend some early nights, quiet time, self-reflection including minimising anything in your life that causes you stress, even if it’s just for a few days. A detox can affect you on many different levels, not just physical. Detoxing is about letting go of anything toxic in your life including habits and people whilst establishing new boundaries and goals for looking after you.

We highly recommend gentle walking and getting outside the house, or office to breathe in some fresh air. No heavy gym workouts, or lifting weights.

Your detox box will have a ‘Post Detox Guidance’ booklet, filled with recipes and ideas on how to move forward. Also watch your daily support video, as this topic will be covered in depth for you to follow.

This is very much a personal choice. Once you have discovered how amazing you can feel after doing a cleanse like this, your body will genuinely know when it’s time to do another one. If you’re wanting to shift a few pounds before a special event, or a holiday, then this is often a good time to do a detox. We like to think of a detox as an MOT for your body. You’ll simply know when it’s time to tune up and enjoy a service.

Your choice will very much depend on your goals and what you wish to gain from undertaking a detox. The 5 Day Detox In a Box is a deeper, more cathartic and intense experience which certainly shifts the lbs as well. The 5 Day Healthy Balance is perfect if you are struggling with getting back on track with healthy eating, or need to re-establish portion control. Think about what you really need right now. If it’s just getting back on track, go for the Healthy Balance. If you want a real overhaul and factory re-set, try the Detox In A Box.

We have provided you with supplements needed for your detox. If you already take certain supplements, continue with these as normal.

We highly recommend any herbal tea, green tea, hot water with a lemon slice or two and still water. An occasional glass of sparking mineral water would be okay too. No builders tea, no black coffee and no diet drinks. Your body really will thank you for this – we promise.

Yes all our products are vegan friendly.

About the detox boxes

The combination of our juices have been tried and tested for many years and are all delicious. Our juices are made using fresh produce, cold pressed and immediately frozen to seal in the goodness of the nutrients.

No. We do not add any water to your juices, soups or nut milks. 

The carbohydrate content is listed on our product page for your information. Our juices are made on average from two parts veggie and one part fruit. Remember that refined sugar is not the same as the sugar you find in fruit. It does not have the same effect on your body. Living fruit and veggies have natural sugars are certainly not the same as the sugar you would find in a chocolate bar.

A small amount, (5%) of nutrients can be lost in the freezing process. Of course the amount of nutrients you will receive is hugely relevant to the quality of produce you begin with. This is why our produce is both local and fresh, giving you the best quality juice available. 

Yes. If you are going to start your detox journey immediately, place all items in the fridge ready to begin your programme the following day. If not, place them straight into your freezer at home until you are ready to begin. Remember to defrost for 24 hours before you are ready to start your detox.

Once defrosted juices and soups will last for 3 days, meals will last for 5 days. We would advise that you take your daily food / juice the day before to allow it to defrost naturally in the fridge. 

If you discover that any of the produce is still to defrost, place the item in a jug of warm water to increase the defrosting time. Please ensure that you don’t overheat the juices however, as they are better tasting if drunk cold. 

Your detox package comes with full instructions and a detox planner naming the juice or meal you need and timings. Simply follow your “detox tracker” – you can’t go wrong.

Once defrosted meals can be heated in the oven or microwave. Each meal comes with its own instructions. We advise that you take your daily food / juice out the day before to allow it to defrost naturally in the fridge. 


Orders for a Thursday delivery need to be placed by 12noon Tuesday. Delivery is by DPD and will be on your doorstep by 12noon Thursday. Your produce will stay frozen until 4pm Thursday afternoon.

Please see the delivery charges on the order page.

We deliver to all mainland UK addresses. Remember to place your box immediately in a freezer if you do not intend to begin your programme straight away.

For the Detox In a Box, two standard freezer drawers will be ample. For a 3 Day Real Food, one freezer drawer.

The Detox In a Box package is 12kgs and the Real Food Detox is 5kgs.

We deliver to mainland UK

Problem Solving

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We are here to support you throughout your detox. Contact us via the web site enquiry form, or through our live chat box.

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