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What are the benefits of the Real Food Detox?

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is a detox right for me?
From experience we have found that a detox is very beneficial for the majority of people. The demands of life can be challenging and it’s very easy to fall into unhealthy eating or drinking patterns. Not looking after your body’s needs will eventually leave you feeling stressed, tired and very likely overweight. Always check with your doctor, or medical practitioner first however if you have any serious underlying medical condition. We do not recommend our products if you are pregnant or breast feeding.
How much weight will I lose on the Real Food Detox programme?
From experience our clients drop approximately 5lbs on this programme.
How many calories are in the 3 Day Real Food Detox programme?
Each meal will have its own nutritional analysis on the label. Daily calories are approximately 900-1000.
What kind of produce do you use?
All meals are 100% plant based and 100% fresh produce.
What about allergies/allergens?
Our meals are made in a kitchen that contains nuts, wheat and gluten, although there are none of items used in your detox package. Other allergens to be aware of is celery.
When can I start my cleanse?
Select any Thursday as your delivery date. The products will arrive frozen, so you can begin your journey to a lighter you immediately, or wait up to 3 months.
Can I continue to work and live life normally when undertaking the detox?
While we recommend that you don’t run a marathon when detoxing, normal everyday duties should be manageable. Enjoy some early nights and try to minimise stress.
Once defrosted how long will the products last?
Once defrosted juices and soups will last for 3 days, meals will last for 5 days. We would advise that you take your daily food / juice the day before to allow it to defrost naturally in the fridge.
How do I prepare the meals?
Once defrosted meals can be heated in the oven or microwave. Each meal comes with its own instructions. We advise that you take your daily food / juice out the day before to allow it to defrost naturally in the fridge. 

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