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Detox In A Box

5 Day Juice & Soup Cleanse

Are you fed up of feeling fat, tired and bloated?

Homefield’s ‘Detox in a Box’ is a complete 5 day detox programme providing everything you need to see significant positive changes to your weight, body confidence and self-esteem in just 5 days.

It’s an easy and effective ‘at home detox’ designed to drop between 5 to 10lbs of body weight. Get ready to enjoy delicious soups and juices that will fill your body with life and energy. This detox is designed to keep your gut healthy, happy and balanced.

Products arrive frozen, so that you have flexibility on when you want to start your detox.

(On occasions, It may be necessary to substitute a particular juice in your box)


Order your detox by Noon on Tuesday for delivery on Thursday.

Customer Reviews

Based on 16 reviews
Moira Domaille
Moira's review

Great detox experience. I did not feel hungry throughout the 5 days and enjoyed all the juices and soups. Feel healthier and brighter as well as losing 4.5 pounds

Melanie Foster
So far so good

Just finished day 2 and everything has been simple and easy to use. The juice/soups are delicious and the supplements have easy to use instructions.

michelle theato
Detox in a Box

This complete 5 day detox was perfect. Everything was detailed so there was nothing to think about. The juices and soups are delicious and I felt satiated. Plus, whilst I expected to feel horribly hungry and peckish, I didn’t at all. Weight dropped off and I feel energised and on track to stay focussed on healthy and mindful eating.

Alexis Hall
Exactly what I needed

I'd looked at a few home detox packages, but settled on the five day detox in a box with Homefield due to the reviews and the really detailed descriptions of the box online. I wanted to give myself a bit of a restart and hoped to lose a few pounds along the way, and this detox has exceeded my expectations. Half way through, I could already feel a boost to my energy and by the end of the detox I had lost nearly five pounds. The regular videos and support available through email / phone makes you feel supported throughout and really helps on any days you might be having a wobble. If you're thinking of doing a detox, this is the way to go - easy to follow, perfectly planned out so you never feel hungry and a great way to give something back to yourself. I can't recommend it highly enough.

tess darby
I was not hungry

I split my detox for two days and then three days as I couldn’t do all the way through. I was not hungry at all.
I found it very easy to follow and fulfilling. Slight headaches with the detox, but good to know that it’s working. Lost 1 kg on the first two days then 1 1/2 kg on the three days. Very pleased would do it again.

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